Sunday, October 01, 2006

The koala in the camphor laurel tree

Updating yesterday's post: the koala has moved on.

But here are some photos from its camphor laurel holiday (click on each pic if you want a larger version):

Koala in a camphor laurel tree 1
Koala in a camphor laurel tree 2
Koala in a camphor laurel tree 3
He/she slept in that position all day, and only started to move after the sun went down. I stood around in the dark for a while, hoping to get acquainted and take a photo when the koala arrived back at ground level. But no, said koala spotted me straight away and must have been reluctant to extend the hand of friendship - movement down the tree trunk was not forthcoming, damn it. So eventually I gave up and hop-skip-jumped my way back to the house (scared of stepping on a snake in the dark). Boo.