Monday, November 13, 2006

The Banana Splits

Memory is so weird. A short while ago I was just minding my own business, not thinking of anything in particular, when suddenly my brain started singing the theme song from The Banana Splits, a children's television show which was broadcast here in (I'm guessing) the late 1960s/early 1970s. This sudden musical visitation was surprising enough, but even more surprising (or let's call it alarming) was the fact that the main lyrics go "Tra la laaa, laa-la la laaa / Tra la laaa, laa-la la laaa", and I managed to get them wrong.

Forgot the "Tra"s.


It's too strange. I didn't even like the show very much. Why on earth would the theme tune suddenly jump to mind about 30 years later?? ... No, can't think. Too busy singing.

Nostalgia makes you stupid. Well, specifically, it makes me stupid, and I hope I'm not alone in the universe on this. Maybe it's a process of ageing or something. Now that I'm 150, being able to say "I remember that!" (about anything, mind you - anything) is really thrilling. That's kind of pathetic and embarrassing, isn't it? Is it? ... Can't think. Too busy singing.

Look at this:

Photo from Nostalgia Central, showing (left to right) Fleegle, Drooper, Snorky, and Bingo.

The sight of that photo caused me to scream out loud and clap my hands. Actually, really-truly screaming and clapping. Yes I Am An Imbecile.

There's just no dignity in ageing. I see that now. Nostalgia-induced imbecility. Maybe it's waiting for us all. How depressing.

So thank God I can sing and scream and clap my hands...

If you want to play too, there are music files of The Tra-La-La Song available for download here (both 167kb):

Mike's Classic Cartoon Themes (for MP3)
Toon Tracker (for RealAudio)

And the really scream-worthy item: a YouTube video showing the Banana Splits in action at the start or end of their TV show.

Outstanding! Fine art, I tell you. Tra la laa, etc.