Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cartoon treasure

Cartoon by Robert Weber: cavemen are trying to push a giant boulder, but it's not moving; one man stands back from the group and says: Wait a minute. This is getting us nowhere. Caption: The Dawn of Reason.
(click image for a larger version)

Cartoon by Robert Weber, published in The New Yorker, but I don't know when... Definitely before 1996; probably before 1988; but that's still not much help and I'm sorry.

I've had a copy of this for years now, so long that the paper is now getting scruffy and yellow. It's a masterpiece of a cartoon, I think, and should be online and I couldn't find one by googling, so here it is.**

I'm really sorry not to be able to specify the date of publication. Robert Weber has a number of cartoons in the CartoonBank - in fact, 53 pages of them at current count - but according to search results, this cartoon is not one of those thusly immortalised and that's a real pity, I say. Look at the thing: Big ideas! Simple execution! Perfect!

** Apologies to the copyright holder(s), not only for violation of whatever, but for not caring enough to find out what "whatever" is or means. If what it means is that most people would be prevented from ever seeing this cartoon, then it means shit, baby, and we should invent a different way to protect author/publisher income.