Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Midlife navel-gazing

Another quiz. More me. And if it seems like I’m becoming completely obsessed with myself, that’s only because I am:

The Second Identity Crisis
In life we have two major identity crises. The first, occurring in adolescence, is to establish an identity. You must get a sense of who you are. The second identity crisis is at midlife when you must give up who you think you are so you can become who you were meant to be.

"Midlife is when you reach the top of the ladder and find that it was against the wrong wall." - Joseph Campbell
Campbell may have been referring to the career ladder but his statement applies to whatever "ladder" you are on. It may be the ladder of marriage or family. It may be the ladder of a unique goal you are pursuing. Or, it may be the ladder of personality development.

In the first half of life you develop one identity of who you think you are. You then live it out until you find that it will no longer work. When this happens you have reached Campbell's "... top of the ladder." You have become a one sided person with a significant underdeveloped potential that is calling for expression.

At midlife you must be willing to "die" so you can be "reborn." You must die to the old self that has become egocentric so you can reshape yourself. This entails a certain amount of suffering and confrontation from which many flee. However, to become a whole person the journey must be taken.



Maybe this is the egocentrism I'm supposed to be leaving behind (or is it the way forward? or...? or...? etc) but I was trying out some personality tests tonight. The Jung Short Test tells me I'm an INFJ. Such a ray of sunshine, too: avoidant, anxious, fearful, guarded, lonely, discontented, sad, always worried, and (here's the highlight) wounded at the core!!?? Bloody hell! Shoot me now! Hahaha...

That last link has all of the 16 "Jung Type Descriptions", if you know your own code. Or if you'd like to try a test yourself, and find you don't like that Jung Short one, you might prefer the Word Test or the Word Choice Test (both Jung types). At another site, I liked the Paragon Learning Style Inventory
(though you need to write the answers and calculate the results yourself).
Beyond all my self-absorption, I'd really like to know what your own code is. Be a dear, dear - if you can or will - and say.


Here's a good round-up of The Personality Type Portraits. And I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that my type, the INFJ, is undoubtedly the best.
They are usually right, and [blah blah blah].
And we like taking quotes out of context for the purposes of self-aggrandizement, too.