Saturday, November 12, 2005


What do you call it when a major Australian newspaper - the Sydney Morning Herald - runs a two-page spread/online articles on 18 people accused of terrorism offences, specifying:

- their names
- (for Sydney suspects) their suburbs, including in one instance the street name
- photos where available
- ages
- backgrounds, variously including country of birth or ethnic background, occupation, family ties, place or type of education, and place of religion (including this: 'Said to be "one of those, particularly in the month of Ramadan ... who came to Ramadan services, if not every night, every second night" at the local mosque."' Relevance?!)

... presenting all this to the Australian public before evidence against the accused has been presented to the court. And doing this knowing that "... the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions applied to the Supreme Court last night to block the release of the police statement setting out evidence against the accused men" and that the Central Local Court magistrate in the relevant case has "granted a stay on its release until 9.30am Monday, when the DPP will seek an injunction"?

What do you call it? I call it WRONG! I call it the slippery slope towards a terrifying future. I call it a tragedy for human rights and the presumption of innocence and for community relations across in this country. For God's sake! What's happening? What? This sort of behaviour should be unbelievable!