Sunday, February 05, 2006

What does this image say to you?

A survey which probably does more for the provider than the user (it's from Veer, a commercial image service... I think... and I assume they want to know more about how viewers react to their images) [Edit: Well, derr... :) ], but being a weirdo, I found it fun. There are 25 images, and for each you choose which of the available responses most closely resembles your own. You then get to look at how everybody voted, and this can be interesting. In two instances I found the overall results a bit alarming: a photo of a cow (44% of those surveyed seeing a "Product" rather than an "Animal") and one of an outstretched hand (46% seeing a "Fraud" rather than a "Friend").

At the end you get a score to show where you sit along the spectrum between popular and independent thought. I was right in the middle at 48%. Boo. How dull, though they try to dress it up:
Congratulations! By having one foot squarely in the throes of popular understanding and another in a world of its own, you can ride the wave of current trends while still poking your head up out of the machine of buying habits and hot trends long enough to come up with something truly your own.
Yeah, sure.