Sunday, January 29, 2006

Considering the options

I'm staying at my parents' place for the weekend, and they live at the beach. This means I should be outside and doing things at the beach, because being at the beach and then not taking advantage of the actual beach would be too stupid.

But. But.

Reasons For Not Going To The Beach

1. It's so long since I went for a swim, I forgot (until grabbing clothes for this visit) that my swimmers were thrown out years ago, having lost all their elastic. I filched an old pair once owned by my teenage niece, Surfergirl, but not being a teenager or a surfer myself, I'd feel and look like a goose in them.
2. Various bits of me got sunburnt yesterday, taking the dogs for a walk at said beach. My neck is now bright red and burning. Oww.
3. It's hot and humid outside. It's also hot and humid inside, but at least it's shady.
4. My parents are at church and won't be back for hours, and I don't have a key to their house. If I leave and lock the door, I can't get back in.
5. I'm scared of Beach People. They're all so damn gorgeous.
6. I'm too lazy to think of other reasons.

Reasons For Going To The Beach

1. It's a beautiful place – a long stretch of clean sand, rocks, rockpools, a headland, trees and a hillside to hide the busy road and Legoland housing estate in the background. I'll show you some pics when I get back to my own computer.
2. Yesterday the water was warm as far as I went in (knee-high).
3. Yesterday the whole place was almost deserted. (Probable explanations: onshore breeze, choppy water, and bluebottles lying around at high tide mark. They float in the water and if you're unlucky enough to touch one, it really REALLY hurts. But they've probably gone by now.)
4. Exercise.
5. Possible fun.
6. It would be what a non-lazy interesting person would do, and I half-heartedly want to become a non-lazy interesting person.
7. I'm too lazy to think of other reasons.

Hmm. Well now. Just let me think about this.


More weekend pics at Flickr. And if posting photos here makes this page too slow to load, please say something. It's damn slow on my computer, but so is everything else too.