Monday, November 27, 2006

Don't be an idiot

Next time you're spraying herbicide around the base of your clothesline (because your mower is actually a small tractor with an overhead rollbar too tall to fit under the line) (and because you're too unmotivated to either weed the area by hand or plant something non-grass/weedy there instead), then for heaven's sake, reader! Don't spray the area, look at it, and then decide to spray it again (you know, like everything: just to be sure), because the second time around, you'll walk right through the sprayed area and get the stuff all over your boots, won't you? Yes, you will. And then when you walk away, the herbicide will go with you on the base of your boots, won't it? Yes, it will. And a week later - say, yesterday - the grass will look something like this:

Photo by Deirdre: green lawn showing a line of footprint-shaped dead grass where herbicide has been spread by the base of my boots

But you'd never do that, would you? You're not that silly.

Photo brought to you by someone standing at the top of a ladder. (The things I do for you, reader...)