Sunday, November 26, 2006


I've been fiddling about with Blogger templates again, trying to get to grips with the world of Beta. Have you any idea how much difference there is in appearance between browsers?? Shocking, it is. It's been driving me mad.

Font size is a particular problem, so I've taken out the "font-size" tag or attribute or whatever it's called (not just in the Beta blog but here too), after reading somewhere that this will force each browser to rely on its own default size.

If it works, great. If it doesn't and anything looks more clunky than usual, please say. I'll be moving on out to Beta soon anyway - this blog will stay here and I'll start Plodding v.2 - but until then... Any problems, please do say.

By the way, the Beta blogs have comment feeds unless the author decides not to enable this. There's supposed to be a link down the bottom of the page (with the link for post feeds: Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)) but I'm yet to see one for comments, and even though the links for posts usually do appear, often they don't actually work.

Never fear, though. The link for posts is:


and for comments:


I just did a quick test in my email-based reader and of course, no, it doesn't work. But I suspect the thing only reads RSS links, and these are Atom. If you're having trouble, use Google Reader. It's magnificent.

:) Well, it's good. Close enough.