Sunday, November 19, 2006

This one a long time have I watched

I was just running through some old bookmarks and re-discovered this sweet gem:

Photographer unknown: a Yoda figurine stands in front of W.B. Yeats's gravestone(click image for a larger version)

Photo from a series called Yoda in Ireland which was posted at Tachyon Research, but is no more. There's no information on the front page there now, apart from "no albums, no images", so I don't know who the photographer was, or how he/she would feel about me having (a) pinched the photo, (b) lightened it, and (c) posted it. If anybody objects, please say and I'll take the thing down ASAP. It's all a bit rude, I know, but... it's so damn cute! That's reason enough, surely?

Continuing in this vein of not-being-sure-whether-I-should-post-this, you can still find links to the other photos in the series here: Index of /albums/Yoda-in-Ireland. I don't know why they're still there, but I don't know why my bookmark still worked either, so there we go. Ignorance aplenty.

Enjoy I hope you do.