Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Skimming the 5,000: 901 - 1,000

From The 5000 Question Survey 2.0 part 19 and part 20:

911. What the hell is your problem?
927. In ten years someone else might own your house and the room you are sitting in now. Someone else might be standing right next to where you are sitting now. So that means you could be standing right next to someone but you can't see him or her because they are ten years away. Ever look at life like that?
938. What do you tend to see in black and white, rather than in shades of grey?

911. Never knowing what to say when someone asks a question like that, then thinking of the perfect reply, hours, weeks, years too late.
927. No.
938. Arguments. I'm right, they're wrong; I'm smart, they're stupid. Simple. Case closed.