Thursday, February 09, 2006

Colour me happy

If you love colours*, find some bliss at Colour Lovers. They've been loving colours there since 1981 :) The palettes section is maaarvellous: you can compare lots of variations really quickly. To get the hex codes** (the identifiers used in templates eg. #DDEEFF is the blue behind my blog title), just hover over each colour.

And if you want to identify the colours used on your favourite sites, I Like Your Colors! can probably help. Talk about handy!

*I can’t stop loving neutrals. I think this says something bad :(
**You can also write colour codes using RGB values (used to colour text boxes in Word documents, for example. A good way to waste hours and hours is to make lots of little text boxes and then fill them with different colours and then move them around, to see which ones go together. Just Because You Can. There's probably a better way to do it, but why mess with glorious inefficiency?). You can convert from hex to RGB here (left hand side, type after the #, then click "Set HEX" and the RGB values will be shown above, along with the colour, and a related palette).