Sunday, November 20, 2005

Skimming the 5,000: 1,001 - 1,100

From The 5000 Question Survey 2.0 part 21 and part 22:

1013. Would you rather be a police officer or a criminal?
1071. Has anyone ever tried to kill you?
1085. Do you have any interesting scars?

1013. Police officer. I think everybody should stick to the law, generally speaking, so I'd have a hard time being a criminal. Plus I used to watch The Bill, so if I went to Sun Hill I could qualify straight away. Plus this blog has "plod" in the address.
1071. A truck once knocked me off a bike, but the driver probably wasn't aiming. It was a meat truck though, and I was on my way to work in a vegetarian café. (I do love that bit.)
1085. One on my hand from when I was two and tried to peel an orange with a sharp knife (two stitches, traumatised parents), and one on my elbow thanks to that truck in 1071 (broken bone, pinned).